Experience Advertising Truth. Scale with Confidence.

Track your sales back to the source and make data-driven decisions to scale your business

Works with industry standard advertising platforms and payment processors

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Works with industry standard advertising platforms and payment processors

Manual conversion tracking is old and unreliable. Upgrade your marketing strategy by learning the true value of each traffic source.

Discover profitable channels and cut wasted ad spend. Increase your returns.

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The features that will fuel your growth

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1. Know the Truth
You no longer need to guess which ad or keyword caused a sale. Gain insights into which traffic sources are providing the highest returns.
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2. Go beyond the basics
Your returns are not static. So why should the calculations be based on a single sale? Subscriptions, trials, refunds and disputes are also considered when calculating returns.
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3. Quick, painless setup
Getting started is simple. Never written a line of code? No problem. It takes less than 2 minutes to start, even if you've never set up tracking before.
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4. Complex data, simple analysis
See the data that matters most in formats that suit you best. You'll have access to tables, analyses, charts and insights - formats that can be understood at a glance.
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5. Perfect Cookie-less Tracking
Recognize your visitors regardless of device, platform, location or origin. Our cookie-less tracking doesn't get filtered by ad blockers or "privacy browsers".
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6. Secure, privacy focused
Your company sales and customer data is protected using the industry standard, SHA-256 hashing algorithm. Your data will never be shared or sold.

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